• Poker Masters 2022: Purple Jacket Competition on PokerGO

    When the Poker Masters kicks off on Wednesday, September 21st, the PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas will host the first of 12 tournaments spanning nearly two weeks of high-stakes tournaments. The player with the most points on the leaderboard in a series of 12 tournaments will become the Poker Master...
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  • Purchase of Chip Sets

    Purchase of Chip Sets

    Our company Shenzhen Jiayi Entertainment co., LTD., founded in July,2013, plant area of 6120square meters, is a professional design, production and sales all kinds of entertainment products include assorted poker chip,accesseries,playing cards,poker table,etc. Our possessing high class printing e...
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  • Product newest

    Product newest

    Recently, our store has a new product, which includes poker tables, poker table mats and some board games. Welcome to visit the store to buy. The top of the poker table is the pattern used for the blackjack table, which can hold up to eight players including the dealer, but you can also use it fo...
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  • new poker table

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  • Factory live

    Factory live

    Recently, the factory live broadcast that we have been planning for a long time has finally been put on the agenda. As an integrated factory and trade company, we have always been the same as a traditional trading company, only showing the advantages of import and export to customers, but not sho...
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  • friend time

    friend time

    What do you usually do in your spare time? Browse short videos, watch TV, or figure out what to do at home alone. So, come here and find some games to make yourself happy to spend those hours when you don’t need to work! ! Poker game: Poker is a relatively simple and more entertainment meth...
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  • Breaking news!!

    Breaking news!!

    Good news, good news, in order to thank our customers for their order support and to expand our business scale, our company has decided to deliver a small number of products to Amazon warehouses in Canada and the United States. This part of the product is used as a sample, and also to allow small...
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  • What is a roulette game?

    What is a roulette game?

    Legend has it that roulette originated in Russia in the nineteenth century and was forced by prison guards to play it as a gamble. However, another way of saying: It is said that the game can be traced back to the Crimea peninsula, but its real popularity came to the First World War. At that time...
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  • what is black jack?

    what is black jack?

    Black Jack, also known as BlackJack, is one of the more common poker games. It originated in France and has now spread all over the world. With the development of the Internet today, blackjack (also known as blackjack) has also entered the Internet age. In 1931, black jack appeared publicly in th...
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  • Poker Enthusiast Neymar Wins Huge Prize.

    Poker Enthusiast Neymar Wins Huge Prize.

    As we all know, Neymar likes to play Texas Hold’em very much. Not long ago, he got a new tattoo on his hand. The Brazilian star actually got a pair of A’s tattooed. It can be seen that Neymar is a poker fanatic in his spare time. In May, Neymar took part in the European Poker Tour and...
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  • What Is A Poker Table

    What Is A Poker Table

    A poker table is a table used to play poker games. Usually, there are chips, shufflers, dice and other accessories on the table for use. Common poker tables include Texas Hold’em tables, blackjack poker tables, baccarat tables, Sic Bo tables, roulette tables, dragon and tiger tables, folda...
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  • The 5 Biggest Winners Of All Time Online Poker

    The 5 Biggest Winners Of All Time Online Poker

    The Internet has revolutionized the game of poker. With an internet connection, players can enjoy their favorite games at home, in the office, or anywhere in the world, such as some players have been very successful playing online poker, winning life-changing money. They have the luck, skills, wo...
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